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‘Twilight’ Stars and Others Take a Bite Outta Fun & Fashion!

Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Mandy Moore, Rachel Bilson, Gabrielle Union, Paris Hilton and other stars teamed up with EXPRESS and RADD (Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving) for the Txt L8tr campaign event hosted by Elle magazine at Nobu in West Hollywood. The event and fashion line promote road safety and encourage people to refrain from texting while driving. Read More »

Wade Robson: Michael Jackson Was a Family Man

World-renown choreographer Wade Robson talks to ET about the private side of Michael Jackson. Wade has worked with the likes of Britney Spears and many more, but before he taught the moves -- he learned Michael's. At just 8-years-old, the dancer was already perfecting the moonwalk and appearing in Jackson's video for his song, "Jam." But beyond the music, Wade says Michael was a friend and family man. "We talk so much about him as the pop legend, which is important," he says. "But we need to remember that he was a man and a father and that's what it's about. He was a wonderful father," he adds. Read More »

Kim Kardashian’s First Post Break-Up Spotting

ET has the latest... Just three days after her break-up with footballer Reggie Bush was announced, a somber-looking Kim Kardashian was spotted by outside of LAX airport in L.A. Looking fabulous in a teal blouse and a black skirt, the reality show star kept mum when asked if she and Reggie will be getting back together. Check out the video to see what she has to say when asked if she's still a Saints fan! Read More »

Halle Berry’s Baby Wave

Halle Berry's baby Nahla does the wave for HTV! The celebrity mom was spotted out in North Hollywood Wednesday getting out of her white Lexus. While Halle remained oblivious to the cameras, it appears Nahla likes the attention -- as the baby girl gave the paps a little wave. Read More »

Jude Law to Be a Father

ET confirms that Jude Law is about to become a father for the fourth time. Law's publicist says that "following a relationship last year, Jude Law has been advised by the birth mother that he is to be the father of a child in the autumn." His rep adds that Law “intends to be a fully supportive part of the child’s life,” but he is no longer in a relationship with the mother of the child. Read More »

Vanessa Hudgens Dishes on her Looks

Is Vanessa Hudgens two-faced? The "High School Musical" star is showing another side of herself in this month's special InStyle makeover issue. Gone from "undone" to "all done up," the actress reveals a transformation from her every day style to vamp! Read More »

Leslie Mann on Jennifer Aniston: ‘The Magazines Don’t Do Her Justice’

'Funny People' star Leslie Mann sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, and the gorgeous actress revealed her admiration for one of Jennifer Aniston's best assets. Mann tells the talk show host that she loves Jennifer Aniston but was always jealous of the way she could look so perfect in pictures where she was only wearing a bikini. "Her butt looks so perfect," Mann says. "I just can't believe anybody's butt looks that good. I thought they must have retouched it." Read More »

Gwyneth Paltrow: Glamorous Guest of Honor

Gwyneth Paltrow stepped out in style, wearing a black Preen dress, Wednesday night in New York City. The gorgeous star was the guest of honor at the Children of the City Champions of Hope benefit gala, Wednesday night at New York City's Tribeca Rooftop. Children of the City is an organization that helps benefit the children and families of Brooklyn, by helping families overcome poverty, and increasing the number of programs and mentors willing to educate and support families. Read More »

Jennifer Aniston Pounces on ‘Pumas’

Jennifer Aniston is set to star in a new movie from CBS Films -- read on for more details! The 40-year-old actress will star in the romantic comedy 'Pumas,' the story of two thirty something women on the prowl for younger men, Variety reports. Aniston is currently filming 'The Bounty' with Gerard Butler, and also recently wrapped 'The Baster,' co-starring Jason Batemen. Read More »

Jessica Simpson versus Tony Romo: Who’s the Top Earner?

Who's the top money-maker: Jessica Simpson or her ex-boyfriend Tony Romo? ET sat down with a reporter from Forbes magazine to find out! Forbes reported that the actress/singer earned $20 million over the last year. "Jessica has an incredibly success licensing empire. Her brands earn about $400 million per year," reporter Lauren Streib tells ET, referring to the star's Jessica Simpson Collection, which includes shoes, handbags and dresses. Meanwhile, her ex-beau and NFL star Tony Romo signed a contract with the Dallas Cowboys for a reported $67.5 million -- but that’s over six years. Plus, his ten million dollar athletic-wear endorsement is for five years. Read More »