Officer Claims Religious Discrimination in Wake of Mel Gibson’s 2006 DUI Arrest

The officer who arrested Mel Gibson for DUI in 2006 is suing the County of Los Angeles for damages related to events that transpired after the actor's infamous anti-Semitic tirade was leaked to the media, citing "religious discrimination and retaliation."

According to court papers obtained by ET, L.A. Sheriff Deputy James Mee -- who arrested Gibson in the early morning hours of July 19, 2006 -- says he was ordered by his Watch Commander Lieutenant and Watch Sergeant to delete Gibson's reported anti-Semitic remarks from his arrest report. Mee says his was asked to write a supplemental report describing the slurs which would be marked "confidential." The report was subsequently leaked to TMZ, which led to an internal investigation of Mee.

Mee's lawsuit points out that he is of the Jewish faith and the order to delete the anti-Semitic rant "was discriminatory toward the Plaintiff [Mee]." The court papers also say, "Despite the fact that a number of non-Jewish deputies had access to the report and to the copy machines nearby, Defendants only accused Plaintiff of leaking the report to 'TMZ,' and initiated an Internal Affairs investigation only against him. ...because he is Jewish." Mee goes on to describe several unjust situations, including allegations of criminal conduct, his transfer from the Malibu department and his inability to obtain a promotion and other select jobs within the LAPD, as a direct result of his Gibson report. As a result "of the unlawful acts of the Defendants," Mee's attorneys claim the Plaintiff, "was personally humiliated and has become mentally upset, distressed and aggravated."

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