Single Kim Kardashian: I’m Totally Fine on My Own

In an interview with Allure magazine, Kim Kardashian chats about her past and present love life, even opening up about her sex tape and why she's now content being single.

The reality star describes the release of her sex tape as "humiliating," saying it wasn't her "most proud moment." She tells Allure, "But now let’s move on. Not that I don’t think it’s no one’s business, but I think I’ve done a good job with replacing negative things with positive things."

Kim endured a public breakup with Super Bowl star Reggie Bush earlier this year and has since been linked to NFL player Miles Austin. However, Kim says she's still single. "Who would ever want to deal with a hectic schedule and not really [getting] to see someone that often? That’s the reality of my life right now, that I don’t have a lot of time," she says of the possibility of getting involved. "You know, it’s tough, but I’m totally fine on my own. I’ve always been in a relationship. So it’s kind of refreshing to just do me 100 percent and not worry about, ‘Do I have to call this person when I get home?’”

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