Will Demi and Ashton Sue Over Star’s Cheating Scandal Story?

A new cheating allegation against Ashton Kutcher has surfaced in the latest issue of Star magazine, on newsstands Friday. Brittney Jones, 21, told the tabloid that she slept with the married actor and felt like they had "incredible chemistry." Prior to this story, Kutcher implied on his Twitter account that he planned on suing the publication, but will he go through with it now that this story has surfaced?

"He's a great lover," Brittney told the mag. "It was tender and nice -- not some random sex act." Brittney alleges that she met him at a bowling alley and slipped him her phone number on a cocktail napkin. According to Brittney, Ashton later texted her and they hung out at his Los Angeles home while he said his wife Demi Moore was filming a movie in Detroit. She told Star that she and the married actor talked for a while before it got physical.

"We kissed. It was like we went from being friends to being on a date really fast. ... I could have kissed him all night," she said of the experience. Brittney says she asked Ashton to go to the bedroom once the pair had undressed, but he refused. "So we made love on the couch. He's a great lover, very considerate and sweet, and it was very special to me."

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