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New Party Pix: Sandra Bullock Holds Court at Gay Hot Spot

Sandra Bullock was surrounded by nearly naked male go-go dancers Thursday night in West Hollywood – and we have the revealing shots! The 'Blind Side' Oscar winner was spied at the trendy gay bar The Abbey in West Hollywood, and seemed to be enjoying herself, hanging with pals on a back couch while the go-go dancers worked the room to entertain the patrons. The new mom of baby Louis reportedly departed The Abbey around midnight.

Sneak Peek: Tonight’s ET Slideshow

From a tousled Jon Hamm in New York City, to Katie Holmes at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, we're giving you a sneak peek of some of the fabulous star photos you'll see on tonight's ET Slideshow! Tune in to ET tonight for more amazing celeb snapshots! In the first pic, Jon is spotted in his "Mad Men" character Don Draper’s home base -- New York City.

Kelly Preston: ‘Johnny Loves Me Pregnant’

Being pregnant makes Kelly Preston feel sexy, and the mom-to-be says hubby John Travolta loves the way she looks, too. Plus, the actress dishes about planning the baby's nursery with her pal Kirstie Alley. "Johnny loves me pregnant, which is very lucky. But yeah, I love it. You just -- you feel very much a woman," Kelly tells ET as she premieres her new movie, 'Casino Jack' (in theaters Dec. 1), at the Toronto International Film Festival. The pregnant star, flying solo at the event while her hubby renews his pilot license at jet school, says that with all her traveling as of late, she looks forward to simply spending some downtime at home as her due date approaches.

Video: Stars Come Out for the ‘Very Important’ Macy’s Passport Presents Glamorama Event

ET has new video of Mark Salling and other big name stars eager to give back at the Macy's Passport Presents Glamorama Event, which combined music, fashion and charity. "This is a very important event," said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. "Fashion is important to Los Angeles and this is a great cause." The cause of the event, held Thursday, September 16, was to raise funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS organizations. "The biggest element of tonight that I am in love with is the charity element, giving back to the different charities that this is focusing on," Aubrey O'Day told us on the red carpet. "Especially, for me, the AIDS charities."

Paris Hilton Tweets Pic of Her New Pets

Paris Hilton to the rescue! Paris tweeted a picture on Tuesday, showing the socialite feeding 20 rabbits that she recently adopted. "The bunnies were meant to be feeders," Paris posted on her Twitter page Wednesday. "I saw them at the petstore & they told me they were for snake food and I had to save them." Now the emancipated animals are safely taking up residence in Hilton's backyard, and she seems happy with her new roommates. "I Love my Bunnies!" Paris wrote on Thursday. "Bunnies Rule."

‘America’s Got Talent’ Million-Dollar Winner Proposes on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

On Thursday, Michael Grimm, winner of "America's Got Talent"'s $1 million prize, got down on one knee to pop the question to his girlfriend during a taping of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." The soulful singer, who took a diamond ring out of his back pocket, asked Lucy Zolcerova, his girlfriend of three years, to marry him, and she accepted his request, giving him a big kiss. "She's been there for me," Grimm told Ellen DeGeneres. "Once you find that good woman, you hang on to her..."

Report: Potential Witnesses in Mel Gibson Investigation Claim Their Lives Were Threatened

As the criminal investigation into Oksana Grigorieva's domestic abuse charges against Mel Gibson continues, The Hollywood Reporter says two potential witnesses have claimed that Grigorieva's bodyguard threatened their lives after they refused to manufacture evidence for her -- a claim an attorney for the bodyguard denies. The possible witnesses -- Violet Kowal, a Polish porn star who claims she slept with Gibson, and her bodyguard, Nikko Riley -- told police last month that Grigorieva's bodyguard, Kristian Otto Herzog, attempted to run down Riley and verbally threatened to have them both killed, says THR. Riley claimed Herzog told him and Kowal that if they cooperated, and said whatever Herzog wanted them to say, Grigorieva was willing to slip them some of the money she'd end up getting from her conflict with Gibson, THR reports.

Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell Marries His Wife Again on Wedding Anniversary

There's fireworks in the sky, synchronized swimmers in the pool, and of course, romance in the air as Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys marries his wife again on their tenth wedding anniversary -- and ET has the exclusive invite. "Hey, ET. Welcome to our tenth anniversary," the grown-up boy band star says. "I'm Brian. This is my wife Leighanne. And we are going to get married again." "Will you marry me again?" he asks his wife during the intimate ceremony.

Who is Considered the Coolest Man in America?

Esquire magazine surveyed both 20-year-old and 50-year-old men, asking them: Whom do you consider the coolest man in America? Both groups found Clint Eastwood to be the coolest American man, with the entertainer getting 26 percent of the twenty-something vote and 55 percent of the 50-year-olds votes. Coming in second in the cool-guy poll was President Barack Obama, while actor George Clooney settled in at third place. 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson got the lowest score, chosen only by 3 percent of the 20-year-olds and a mere 1 percent of the 50-year-olds. When asked, "Who is the best role model for young men in America today?", 41 percent of 20-year-old men said Obama and 32 percent of 50-year-olds agreed. Clooney got 13 percent of the votes for both age groups, and NFL quarterback Tom Brady got 10 percent of the votes from the 20-year-olds.

Katherine Schwarzenegger on ‘Feeling Horribly’ About Her Body While Growing Up

Katherine Schwarzenegger is the daughter of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver -- and the 20-year-old is telling our own Mary Hart all about her new book detailing life as a child of fame. "I totally was feeling horribly about myself," Katherine reveals about her body-image issues growing up. "And I cried to my mom and I was like, 'I hate everything about myself. I can't find one thing that I like. I just -- I hate everything.'" Katherine, much like many of her peers, battled body image issues growing up and shares her experiences in Rock What You've Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty From Someone Who's Been There and Back.