Anna Nicole Smith’s Former Bodyguard Testifies: Howard K. Stern Shot Up Anna Nicole

ET was in the courtroom as Anna Nicole Smith's former bodyguard, Maurice "Big Mo" Brighthaupt -- who tried to revive the celebrity the day she died in 2007 -- testified on day two of the preliminary hearing in the criminal case against attorney Howard K. Stern, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, who are being charged on counts of conspiracy to furnish the late Smith with drugs.

Brighthaupt testified that he saw Stern inject the former Playboy model many times and even encountered Stern in the bathroom, burning a spoon and drawing liquid from it. The former bodyguard said that Stern told him it was Valium and then drew it into a needle with which to inject Smith. Brighthaupt also testified that he saw Dr. Eroshevich inject Smith, but only one time.

He continued on about Smith's drug use, recalling that he saw her take ecstasy and drink Cristal preceding an appearance on the American Music Awards. Brighthaupt said that after the sudden death of Smith's son Daniel, she started taking chlorohydrate with a spoon and then later began to drink it from the bottle. Brighthaupt said he witnessed Dr. Eroshevich flying into the Bahamas with a bottle of the liquid.

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