California Hall of Fame Inductees Tee Off on Tiger Woods

Carol Burnett, George Lucas, and John Madden joined the ranks of personalities such as Tiger Woods, Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Taylor, Quincy Jones, and Jack Nicholson as inductees of the California Hall of Fame. The star golfer currently involved in a controversy over alleged affairs was inducted in the 2007 class of honorees. Tiger was on the minds of those in attendance and they told ET their thoughts on this developing story.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called the champion golfer "a great athlete and he's a fantastic entertainer....when he plays golf and he's the greatest." His wife and founder of this hall of fame, Maria Shriver, said, "I think he's done a tremendous amount for this state and young kids all over this country. My heart's with him and his family."

Inductee Carol Burnett was the first celeb to win a lawsuit against The National Enquirer, the tabloid publication that stirred up allegations of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses. Her case "took seven years out of my life" to be settled, so she says "he'll just have to treat it the way he wants to…It just depends on how angry he gets at any untruths that are written about him."

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