Former Edwards Aide Challenges Restraining Order Regarding Alleged Sex Tape

Former John Edwards aide Andrew Young, along with his wife Cheri, are challenging a temporary restraining order filed by Edwards' ex-mistress Rielle Hunter, which would require them to turn over an alleged sex tape and other items that Hunter claims she owns.

In their challenge, the Youngs claim that the restraining order requires them to return a "personal video recording that depicted matters of a very private and personal nature" that Hunter claims was recorded in or about September 2006. They, however, say that the woman seen with John Edwards in the alleged sex tape is pregnant, and since Hunter and Edwards' daughter was born in March 2008, it could not have been recorded starring Hunter in 2006, since she was not pregnant at that time. They say that the video either featured another, unknown pregnant woman appearing to participate in sexual activities with John Edwards, or that the video she requests in the order is a different video that is not the video that the Youngs have in their possession. The Youngs attached a birth certificate for Hunter and Edwards' daughter as proof that Hunter was not pregnant in 2006.

Furthermore, the Youngs claim that since Hunter left the tape in their home after she moved out in October 2007, and didn't ask for any of her alleged property to be returned until 2009, that she abandoned the property and has no reasonable right to privacy.

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