Golf Writer Describes His Encounters with Tiger Woods & Family

Joe Logan, executive producer of, talks to ET about the character of Tiger Woods, following a shocking Vanity Fair article about the pro golfer.

Logan contributed to an article in the February issue of VF where author Buzz Bissinger recalls a 1997 GQ interview that Woods gave when he was 21. "I think any golf writer who has dealt with him, would tell you early on he was a naive, young spirited kid," Logan tells ET. "Early when he first turned pro and was swamped with all the attention, notoriety and money that was thrown in his direction with endorsements, the money he won playing golf, it was overnight almost, [he] became a world famous celebrity. ... For the first year or so, he wore that like a hair suit. He was a little difficult to deal with."

The writer says after a year or so, Tiger got used to "being who he was," saying, "He was cordial, but he was always apart. Even from the players, not just from the media. Apart from the players and the media. They all knew him, they were all cordial with him, he was cordial to everyone. But there were very, very few people who really [felt] like they [knew] Tiger Woods."

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