Jaycee Dugard’s Family: ‘Only One Story To Be Told’

An adult filmmaker reportedly plans to make a movie based on the story of Jaycee Dugard, the alleged rape and kidnap victim who was reportedly held in the backyard of an Antioch, CA man's home for 18 years. But a rep for Jaycee's family tells ET that the idea is "exploitive, hurtful and breathtakingly unkind."

"There is only one true and factual story to be told," a rep for the family tells ET. "If and when Jaycee and her family think it is appropriate, their story will be told by them, in a forum of their choosing with the respect and thoughtfulness they so deserve. Anyone else speculating about the details of such a personal hurt, for financial gain, is exploitive, hurtful and breathtakingly unkind."

According to Sacramento TV station CBS 13, actor and adult filmmaker Shane Ryan, who is responsible for such adult titles as 'Sex, Kids, Party' and 'Amateur Porn Star Killer' has plans to make a film called 'Abducted Girl: An American Sex Slave,' telling the station, "We want to capture how sad this story is, but also how interesting. We're trying to figure out a way to do that so it's not exploitative."

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