John Edwards’ Former Mistress Continues to Seek Possession of Alleged Sex Tape

John Edwards' former mistress Rielle Hunter has filed a second affidavit to the courts in an attempt to get a video and other property she says belongs to her back from Andrew Young, a man she accuses of lying in regards to the contents of the video.

Hunter says the videotape marked "special" that she recorded in 2006 and she was not pregnant at the time. Young, Edwards' former aide, has repeatedly said that the woman on this alleged sex tape is pregnant and in his "20/20 interview said that the videotape was made a couple of months before January, 2008. Hunter says both of these claims are false.

The document submitted by Hunter reads: "That video was on a MiniDV cassette and I mangled and cut the tape to prevent any person from ever seeing it. I know when and where the video recording shown on the VHS copy was made. I recognized that location when I viewed the VHS copy of the video. I was not pregnant in September 2006 and the VHS copy of the video does not show a pregnant woman."

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