Lea Michele’s ‘Dorothy of Oz’ Songwriter Dishes at Comic-Con

By Carolyn Richardson

TV and film's biggest music makers are set to share behind-the-scenes secrets at Comic-Con International this month.

"Glee"'s Lea Michele is spreading her wings and sharing her voice as the lead in 'Dorothy of Oz,' an animated movie set for release in 2012 that also features the voices of James Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and Kelsey Grammer in starring roles. While the story will seem familiar, like the ever-growing stable of remakes in Hollywood, the audience will be experiencing new music that helps drive the story to new heights. Composer Jim Dooley is currently taking on that task as a composer for 'Dorothy of Oz,' and is set to dish on his process this month.

As comics fans continue to see their classics transition from books to the big screen, hear the industry’s most successful composers impart behind-the-scenes knowledge about bringing these stories to life. If you've ever wanted to hear what goes into creating music for 'Star Trek,' 'X-Men,' 'True Blood,' 'Superman Returns,' 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and countless other big-ticket movies and highly-rated TV shows, Comic-Con International, the country's leading comics and popular arts convention, is offering music lovers the opportunity to encounter the music-makers behind the films they love.

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