Nancy Kerrigan’s Brother Indicted on Manslaughter Charges

Just in today: Initially charged with assault, Nancy Kerrigan's brother Mark is facing upgraded charges of manslaughter and assault and battery charges after his and Nancy's father Daniel died following an alleged altercation.

“We allege that the defendant’s violent reckless actions and complete disregard for his father’s safety and well-being endangered Daniel Kerrigan’s life and resulted in the substantial harm that led to his untimely death,” District Attorney Gerry Leone said. “This defendant should have known that the cruel acts that he committed against his elderly father, including grabbing him by the neck with enough force to cause a fracture, were highly likely to result in substantial harm and endanger his father’s life. ... As a result of the presentation of this and other evidence, a Grand Jury has returned two indictments against the defendant, and we will now proceed in proving these cases in court.”

In the police report obtained by ET in January, Stoneham law enforcement claim they responded to a call that involved an "unconscious male" and "domestic situation." The report says that Nancy's 70-year-old father was unconscious on the kitchen floor, where officers noticed blood and misplacement of pictures on the wall. Nancy's brother Mark Kerrigan told officers, according to the report, that he wanted to use the phone and his father would not allow him to do so. He also reportedly told police he put his hands around his father's neck and his father fell to the floor.

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