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Ashton Kutcher: Mischa Barton is Doing Great

Ashton Kutcher, creator of The CW show "Beautiful Life," offered an update into the health of Mischa Barton, who was to play a character on the show. "I can tell you right now Mischa Barton is doing great," Kutcher said at the Fortune Brainstorm: Tech Summit in Pasadena, California on Friday. Barton was hospitalized earlier this month after police were called out to her Hollywood Hills home to assist in a medical issue.

‘Lost’ Star Dominic Monaghan Gets Set to ‘Flash Forward’

Film and television star Dominic Monaghan opened up to ET at Comic-Con in San Diego about his new show "Flash Forward" -- and the star also revealed some extreme measures he has had to take to maintain his privacy. The "Lost" and 'Lord of The Rings' star tells ET that although he is grateful for his fans and their support, sometimes when he is in a hurry he has to disguise himself. "I unfortunately have to get to places on schedule, I don't do a huge amount of stopping," he says. "I wear little disguises so I don't get stopped, but it's good to feel the love, and good to know people are supportive of projects that I'm involved with. I love coming down to Comic-Con."

Jon Favreau Reveals Future of ‘Iron Man’ Franchise

ET attended Entertainment Weekly's and Syfy's Comic-Con party to get the inside details into the 'Iron Man' and 'The Avengers' films, as well as 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra' and the hit TV series "True Blood." 'Iron Man' director Jon Favreau confirmed to ET that the stars of the film series are under contract for three movies."I think they're trying to keep the same people involved and combine them all for 'The Avengers,'" Favreau says of the actors in 'Iron Man.'Other action stars to attend the Comic-Con bash included 'G.I. Joe' star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, "Hercules" actor Kevin Sorbo and Edward James Olmos of 'Battlestar Galactica.'

Sarah Palin Resigns as Governor of Alaska

Sarah Palin has officially stepped down as governor of Alaska. The former Republican VP candidate issued her farewell speech Sunday in Fairbanks, Alaska. Palin made no mention of her future political plans.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Creates Comic Book Series

ET has the latest on Jennifer Love Hewitt's ten-issue, thrilling comic book series. Jennifer Love Hewitt's The Music Box details a mystifying music box that creates bizarre occurrences for those that possess it. Each story from the anthology is a standalone tale. “The chance to create my very own comic, and a horror/thriller at that, is like a very fun nightmare come true," said Hewitt. "I've always been fascinated by the notion that an inanimate object can hold as much malevolent energy as a human being can. And when the two meet, or are at cross purposes, very bad things can happen. I'm so proud of The Music Box and can't wait for people to read it... with the lights on, of course!”

Temporary Administrators Say Jackson Estate is Financially ‘Solvent’

ET has learned that temporary administrators handling the estate of Michael Jackson have recovered millions from the late icon's former financial advisers, and they claim Jackson's estate is financially solvent. According to court documents filed by attorney John Branca and music executive John McClain, temporary administrators of Jackson's estate, the two say they have recovered $5.5 million in cash and "substantial amounts of tangible personal property" from the King of Pop's former financial advisers. The administrators also say that Jackson's estate is financially solvent.

David Beckham Fined After Confrontation with Soccer Fans

David Beckham is paying the price for getting into a shouting match with hecklers at a soccer game! The commissioner of Major League Soccer fined Beckham $1000 on Friday following a verbal spat five days earlier between the star and some rowdy fans, says the Associated Press. During the halftime of an exhibition game, Beckham shouted at a group of fans who'd been heckling him, daring them to come down from the stands onto the soccer field. The AP says he even attempted to hoist himself over some advertising boards, but secured stepped in.

Octuplet Mom Cuts TV Deals for Her Kids

Nadya Suleman, aka the Octuplet Mom, has signed deals for all 14 of her kids to appear in a reality TV show. The Associated Press says Suleman's little ones will each earn $250 a day for their work on the show, according to contracts filed in L.A. Superior Court on Friday. The legal docs, which are still awaiting a judge’s approval, indicate that the children’s combined salaries amounts to about $250,000 over three years. The documents say the show is due to start filming on Sept. 1 through a European production company called Eyeworks.

Michael Jackson’s Only Autobiography to ‘Moon Walk’ onto Store Shelves Again

ET has learned that Michael Jackson's only autobiography, Moon Walk, will be re-released this year. Read on for details… Harmony Books has acquired the rights to Moon Walk, Jackson's only autobiography that was originally published in 1988. The book became an instant No. 1 New York Times bestseller, selling nearly 500,000 copies, according to a release from Harmony Books. The new edition will include a new introduction by a "well known figure."

Fateful Letter From Dr. Conrad Murray Revealed

ET has obtained a letter from Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's former personal physician who is now being investigated for manslaughter, written to his patients last month explaining that he was leaving his medical practice indefinitely for a "once in a lifetime opportunity." Read on to see the letter. In his June 15 letter to "patients and friends," Murray said he was seeking a "suitable replacement [doctor]" for himself, but intended to "manage the practice, and be involved as much as possible [from afar]," stating also, "please know my absence is not permanent." Authorities raided Murray's offices on Wednesday, searching for manslaughter evidence in their investigation into the death of the King of Pop, who passed away on June 25.